Q. I have zero sperm. Can I have child with my own Sperm?
Yes, if sperm are absent in semen but present in testis or epidydimis they can be retrieved with procedures like ICSI, IMSI and can be used for IVF.
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Major Causes of Infertility - Know reasons of Infertility (Hindi)
How IVF Treatment Process is Done - General IVF Procedure (Hindi)
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IVF is an artificial reproduction technique (ART) used...
Q. Is IVF painful ?
No, the procedure is done under anaesthesia. So patient will not feel anyth...
Q. How much IVF cost?
It depends upon the procedures done along with IVF. Normally it ranges from...
Q. Are miscarriages higher with IVF?
Yes, a little higher rate of miscarriage is seen as it is an artificial way...
Q. What is the maximum age for IVF with own eggs?
Till the time woman is menstruating, she can undergo IVF procedure with her...
Q. Also what is the ideal wait time after a failed attempt of ivf ?
There is no wait time. Next attempt can be given in next mensuration cycle...
Q. Can you define IVF
It is Invitro fertilisation also known as test tube baby. In this procedure...
Q. What about the extra embryos during one IVF cycle?
Extra embryos can be frozen and kept for next use or can be donated also.

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