Male Infertility

Major Causes of Infertility - Know reasons of Infertility (Hindi)
Q. I have zero sperm. Can I have child with my own Sperm?
Yes, if sperm are absent in semen but present in testis or epidydimis they...
Q. I have low sperm count. Can I have child with my own Sperm?
Yes, sperms can be picked and selected with procedures like ICSI, IMSI and...
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Embryo donation is a variant of advanced fertility ther...
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Sperm Freezing
Fertility and conception are becoming one of the major...
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Testicular Sperm Aspiration is an artificial reproducti...
Q. What is the percentage of Male Infertility?
It is 40 - 50% of the total Infertile cases.
Q. How does the pollution cause Male Infertility?
There are lot of pollutants which one inhale due to pollution. These decrea...

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