Female Infertility

IVF Success Stories - Successful IVF after Myomectomy (Fibroid Removal) (Hindi)
Major Causes of Infertility - Know reasons of Infertility (Hindi)
Q. What is the cause of infertility for a woman to undergo ivf?
There are many factors contributing to infertility of a woman e.g. blocked...
Q. What is the maximum age for IVF with own eggs?
Till the time woman is menstruating, she can undergo IVF procedure with her...
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Egg / Oocyte Freezing
Egg/oocyte freezing, also known as cryopreservation, is...
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6 Steps Of Egg / Oocyte Donation
In vitro fertilisation enables women who cannot produce...
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Embryo donation is a variant of advanced fertility ther...
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Infertility is a growing concern affecting almost 1 in...
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Q. How long of a wait is recommended between a failed IVF cycle and trying again?
There is no wait time. In next mensturating cycle IVF can be tried again.
Q. Can cyst or fibroid adversly impact the success of IVF cycle?
If it is outside the uterus it does not hamper the success rate. In case it...
Q. How will an egg donor be related to the child? Can she legally claim the child?
A consent is signed by the egg donor while donating eggs so she cannot clai...

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