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Sperm donor cycle
Sperm donation is a process wherein a man voluntarily d...
Q. Can we avoid the chances of multiple/ectopic pregnancy by IVF?
Only way to avoid multiple/ectopic pregnancy is to transfer only one embryo...
Q. What is the process of IVF?
In IVF, egg from female and sperm from female are retrieved and fertilised...
IVF Success (in Hindi) - 39 year woman/ Obese/ Very Very Low Ovarian Reserve / Hindi
Embryo Freezing - How Extra Embryos after Embryo Transfer in IVF are used (Hindi)
IVF Success (in Hindi) - Primary Amenorrhea - Woman Not having any Periods
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Egg / Oocyte Freezing
Egg/oocyte freezing, also known as cryopreservation, is...
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ICSI or Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection
ICSI is one of the newly developed successful technique...
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Q. How can we curb miscarriage?
Medicines are given to strengthen pregnancy.
Q. What about the extra embryos during one IVF cycle?
Extra embryos can be frozen and kept for next use or can be donated also.
Is Complete Bed Rest after IVF Necessary ? (Hindi)
Q. Are there any restrictions on physical or personal activities during an IVF cycle?
No. Doctors only recommend to not do any strenuous works like weight liftin...
IVF Success Stories - Successful IVF after 7 failed IVF Cycles of a 25 year old woman (Hindi)
IVF with ICSI Treatment Procedure - ICSI Success Rates (Hindi)
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An increasing number of couples are currently strugglin...
Q. Is there any chance of mental or physical disorder to a baby through IVF?
No there is no difference in the mental and physical health through IVF
What is Surrogacy - Myths about Surrogate Mother (Hindi)
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IVF Success (in Hindi) - MRKH syndrome - wihout Uterus & Vagina BUT good ovaries / Hindi
IVF Question ? (in Hindi) - What are chances of Abortion after IVF treatment ?
ICSI IVF Success Stories - Succesful IVF with ICSI after Low Sperm Count (Hindi)
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IVF is an artificial reproduction technique (ART) used...
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Testicular Sperm Aspiration is an artificial reproducti...
Q. What if three cycles are failed? Should we try for fouth cycle soon?
Yes, you can go for fourth cycle whenever you are physically and mentally r...
Q. What do we mean by donor egg IVF ? when is it required or recommended?
When the egg of some other female is used in IVF, it is called donor egg IV...
Q. I have low sperm count. Can I have child with my own Sperm?
Yes, sperms can be picked and selected with procedures like ICSI, IMSI and...

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